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A c a d e m y   
o f   
W e l s h   A c h i e v e m e n t

W  e  l  s  h     H  a  l  l     o  f     F  a  m  e

This is another first by 'Icons of Cymru'  Today 20+ years after first sending the idea for the erection of a building for the Welsh Hall of Fame,.... we make Accountable History.

It is birthed as was always the Mission for the young & future generations of Cymru; the introduction of  Cymru's first National Hall of Fame.

Nothing is more important than inspiring this Young New Generation to its Role Models of Achievement

We aim to highlight and pioneer a focal point and an educational resource of World-Welsh-Achievers and their considerable achievements around the Globe; Global-Welsh

The hope is to stimulate as in the original mission manifesto, a National Celebration Night for those outstanding Achievers in all professions, who should be honoured in Cymru's National Award Ceremony for World-wide Achievement

You, the Welsh public, together with experts,  can have your say on who you believe deserves to be voted in as the first recipient of 'The Academy of Achievement'

Academy of Welsh Achievements: Welcome
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