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I  c  o  n  s    of    C  y  m  r  u

Croeso ; Welcome

'   I  C  O  N  S    F  A  S  H  I  O  N   '

I n t e l l i g e n t   F a s h i o n

Here we offer a pioneering perspective on clothing via 


For the first time in history, we are utilising Accountable Knowledge via visual imagery to inspire a new generation with a new & fresh perspective on fashion of the future

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'  I C O N S  -  I N S P I R E  '

By visually presenting and showcasing many years of research on the Achievements of Welsh people around the World, we continue to lead the way and Pioneer the Accountable & Intelligent path forward for social good with an internationalist mindset's perspective

There is nothing more motivational than sitting back to an innovative-visual-rewriting to the history books of the World and at the same time highlighting the undiscovered history of World-Welsh Achievers 

Why not leave a legacy in World-Welsh-History

by becoming part of it!

'  C Y M R U - C U L T - C E L F  '

Via the 'Evolution Art Movement' within the 'Welsh Academy of Design', we offer large scale graphic artwork & prints for both businesses as well as within your home environment

Again within the 'Icons of Cymru' organisation, it is totally unique & pioneers 'World-Welsh-First Achievements' in Accountable Art & Design

 I n t e l l i g e n t   A r t

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